BIA Performance - 力 (Li) - Black
BIA Performance - 力 (Li) - Black
BIA Performance - 力 (Li) - Black

BIA Performance - 力 (Li) - Black

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The Chinese character 力 (lì) refers to power, strength, or force. It can also refer to concepts such as energy, effort, ability, or influence.

努力 (nǔ lì) means exertion, great efforts, and endeavours, or the action of making an effort, striving, or trying hard. 努 (nǔ) means to exert, strive, or endeavour.

Ability, capability, or the power or strength to act is called 能力 (néng lì). 能 (néng) means can or be able to, and also ability, talent, and skill.

力士 (lì shì) describes a man of great physical or muscular strength. Hercules, the hero famous for his superhuman strength, is known as 大力士 (dà lì shì) in Chinese, literally “great man of great strength.”

Comprised of our signature tri-blend performance material.
Providing you maximum quality, comfort & efficient moisture-wicking.

Sleeves will be longer as compared to what the model is wearing* Please refer to the updated size chart above for more details!

Height - 168cm
Weight - 59kgs
Top - S