About BIA

BiaAthletics was inspired by the Greek goddess Bia & the Chinese/Japanese culture.

Bia was the goddess or personified spirit (daimona) of force, power, might, bodily strength and compulsion.

The character “Ren” (忍, forbearance) is composed of the element “xin” (心, heart) which represents the meaning, and the element “ren” (刃, knife blade) representing the sound  “Ren” which means to endure, to forbear, and to tolerate. It also contains the connotation of self-restraint and self-control.
“Ren” (forbearance) is formed by placing the “knife” over the “heart,” as if implying “Ren” (forbearance) is not easily achieved by ordinary people, but requires a higher level of perseverance, cultivation, discipline, and will.


"In life, it's not the guy with the best genetics or greatest potential, that wins. It's the guy with the greatest perseverance that has his hand raised."
- Greg Plitt

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