BIA Tri-Blend Shirt - 天 (Tian) (Black/White)
BIA Tri-Blend Shirt - 天 (Tian) (Black/White)
BIA Tri-Blend Shirt - 天 (Tian) (Black/White)
BIA Tri-Blend Shirt - 天 (Tian) (Black/White)

BIA Tri-Blend Shirt - 天 (Tian) (Black/White)

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“Don't count the days, make the days count" - Muhammad Ali

The Chinese character 天 (tian) refers to day or heavens above.

"As time goes on, the windows of opportunity close.
And you look around like, fuck man, I just had some bad breaks in my life, things didn't work out my way. 
Take some ownership.
Your life is exactly what you wanted.
Because, every day, you've had choices to make. You're responsible and credible for every single choice.
You've made the choices. You've connected the dots.
Drawn the lines that form the tapestry of your life that you look in the mirror right now hating."
- Greg Plitt

Many people keep thinking of the future or the past. Thinking of the future is not necessarily a bad thing, but instead of doing things every single day to make that dream a possibility, they spend all of their time just dreaming of it. Make every single day, now, in the present, count. The choices you make every single day will affect everything you do in the present and the future.

Comprised of our signature tri-blend material.

Height - 181cm
Weight - 87kgs
Top - XL