The Best Time To Eat? What to eat?

The Best Time To Eat? What to eat?
The Best Time To Eat? What to eat?


These are some of the most common questions being asked by many people that have just started or are about to start their fitness journey. They are clueless on any and every aspect of food and nutrition due to the number of health and fitness “posts & videos” going all over Facebook making new health trends and “the best superfood”. Food/Nutrition is actually really simple and straightforward, people just tend to over complicate everything.

- Will eating broccoli and celery help me lose the weight?

- Which superfoods should I be buying to help me with my results?

- What foods do I eat before training?

- What foods do I eat after training?

- What foods am I not supposed to eat?

- What time should I stop eating?



The Best Foods / Superfoods To Help You Increase Your Results?

How often have you heard someone at the gym telling you to try a certain food because it will get you the results you’re looking for? “Celery is a negative calorie” ? The best way to lose weight is the just have Chicken and Broccoli every 3 hours or whenever you’re hungry. Having Acai berry everyday will get you quicker/faster results!

Superfoods may have a variety of health benefits etc but if you’re eating them in a calorie surplus you’re still going to gain weight no matter how “positive” the effects of these superfoods may be. Calories are calories.


Bottom Line.
There is no such thing as a miracle food! As mentioned in the earlier posts on nutrition/food, it mainly comes down to calories in vs calories out when it comes to just weight loss/gain.

What Foods Do I Eat Before / After Training?

Health and performance is a whole different thing. Healthier options and choices usually have a better effect for most people but not everyone. This is another reason why if you’re losing weight at around 2,000 calories a day, to fill all of that 2,000 calories with junk foods, yes you may be losing weight doing so but you health, bodily functions, digestion etc won’t be functioning at their best, which may lead to a decline in performance & results overtime.


Someone may perform their best having a snickers bar while someone else may just crash having a snickers bar, same goes for a healthier option for example, oatmeal, one person may perform their best having oatmeal prior to training while another person may just feel full and bloated. This comes down to understanding your body and going through trial and error to see what works best for you personally.

A similar theory can be applied for your training as well. Certain exercises may not be right for you at the moment or in the long run due to your body structure or limitations




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Have a great week ahead!

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