Getting Started - The Best Training Routine/Split?

Getting Started - The Best Training Routine/Split?

Best Training Routine/Split?

There are probably the common few that you have heard of, a 5x5 routine, full body workouts, the 30 minute workouts, German Volume Training, a classic bodybuilding routine of an individual body part split and the list goes on. To be honest, some may be better than others is someones perspective but it all depends what are your goals & whether or not you can make the commitment of seeing it through. Having ambitious goals of being able to lift a certain amount of weight by the end of the program or look a certain way at the end of the few month program sounds easy and simple but whether you’re committed and following through it is a whole other thing.



The best thing you could do is

- Find out what do you want to achieve from training? Getting stronger? Getting learner? Getting more athletic?

- Find a program that would help you achieve these goals of getting stronger or leaner.

- Check if the program fits into your schedule, will you be able to commit to the number of weekly sessions required, the time required per session.

- If you can’t commit or aren't sure if you'll be to commit halfway through because of some plans, it may be pointless to start.



So what do you do if you can’t commit?

Find another option that could get you similar results or help you with the goals you want to achieve. Yes the alternative may not be “as good” but at least you can see the entire program through and not have to quit halfway through it. So in a way you may actually end up getting better results due to you being able to commit!

Fitness is a journey not a marathon. Once you start seeing the results from you making a commitment, it won’t be a commitment anymore, it will become a lifestyle and habit.